May 28, 2014

This new EP from these Midwest rockers would fit perfectly as a soundtrack behind a high energy car chase. The album opens with the Clutch meets Lamont rocker “Never.” Straight-up American heavy rock’n’roll at its finest. Other songs like “Risky Business” rip through the gears at a furious pace while mid-tempo tracks like “The Deafening” and “Unsafe Behavior” (complete with an almost minute-long rippin’ guitar solo!) still have enough horsepower to push you back in your seat. Their cover version of Mountain’s “Mississippi Queen” pretty much stays true to the original but with a lot more muscle in the instrumentation and production. Due to its shortened length, the album does indeed leave you wanting more, so in the meantime spin that volume knob; I’ll meet you on the louder side. 

 –Brent Nimz (Indie 500, [email protected],