CAPTAIN CHAOS: Self-titled: CD

Jun 19, 2007

All the songs on this CD are true stories and the liner notes tell us: “none of them are about God.” All right! I’m all for the secular folk-punk. The greatest thing about this CD, which is the solo project of a nice young man named Chris who usually plays in Operation Cliff Clavin, is that it is not meant to be taken seriously. And that makes it almost lethally charming. This guy wrote a whole bunch of super sweet, catchy, funny songs for a girl he likes and then got his friend, also named Chris, to put them out on a record label where one hundred percent of the profits go to a cause of the band’s choice (in this case Midwest Pages to Prisoners). Oh yeah, and the record label is in existence because Chris’s dad died and left him money and he wanted to do something to make his dad proud. So, basically, if you don’t like this album, you must be pure evil and probably eat tiny puppies on toast for breakfast.

 –jennifer (The Scientist and the Duke)