CAPITALIST KIDS, THE: Lessons on Love, Sharing, and Hygiene: LP

Timeliness is tricky. Political ideas that are topical can seem silly in time, but that can be ignored if songs are written with music that stands on its own. Nobody complains about how outdated the references are in Dead Kennedys songs, right? Aiming for the sweet spot between Propagandhi and Mr. T Experience, the political songs match the love songs about one to one. Perfect for when you can’t decide between Bracket or Crass. I’ve listened to this record half a dozen times before Razorcake ever sent me a copy, so I’m probably the most qualified person to take a whack at this. I’ve been around this record for a while. I’ve overheard conversations between band members as they talked about these songs before the band had learned them and I’ve seen the songs played a handful of times before the recordings got made. At this point, I feel like I know this record like the back of my hand. The pop punk community should be happy that a band like the Capitalist Kids is playing right now. This isn’t me giving the old argument of “what happened to the politics in punk rock?” It’s always been there, it’s just been in the pop punk section of the store. In a section of rock dominated by songs about youthful nostalgia and partying, I hope the Capitalist Kids spark arguments. I hope they get people talking who don’t normally like to think about these kinds of things. If you like tight Lookout-styled pop punk, these guys are some of the hottest shit on the market. Get with it.

 –Bryan Static (Toxic Pop,