CAPITALIST KIDS, THE: Lessons on Love, Sharing, and Hygiene: LP

I gotta say, it’s kind of funny at first to hear a band doing such a great Mr. T Experience/early-Green Day impression while singing about the evils of corporate welfare, their hatred of Ayn Rand, and their love of socialism. Something about major chords accompanying bleak statements like, “We live in a world of imbalance and disparity, where one’s manipulation severs another’s greed, some people live in comfort, others suffer, bleed, and die,” feels a little weird, especially when you sound like you’re singing about a girl you’ve got a crush on. But, honestly, Capitalist Kids pull it off. This is solid straight-up pop punk with straight-forward but poignant lyrics. Had they existed in 1996, when Noam Chomsky and Lookout Records were just about my two favorite things, they would have been one of my favorite bands, no doubt about it.

 –Chris Mason (Toxic Pop,