May 13, 2011

This was included in the last issue of Short, Fast, and Loud. For those who have never heard Capitalist Casualties, use this record as a starting point. The band has released some great hardcore punk records over the last twenty years, but their catalog is huge and has several duds that somehow manage to be the ones that get more hype (Planned Community is total garbage), and a lot of people get turned off of the band as a result. The three songs on this record are more in line with their older, more influential material. Lack Of Interest have had an equally long career, but hold less of a “classic” standing in the hardcore/power violence/whatever you call this nonsense, but they still shred. The songs are heavy without resorting to sludge parts and fast without blast beats. It’s no frills, no pretense, and over before you know it. Awesome sounding, total throwback power violence with no metal influence that might as well have come out in 1993 (that’s not a bad thing in this case). The zine is huge and packed with columns/ reviews/ narratives/ photos relating to the more extreme aspects of hardcore. It’s a great resource, but be warned: even I have a hard time nerding out on hardcore this hard.

 –Ian Wise (Six Weeks)

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