CAPITAL: Signal Corps: CD

Don’t know what it is about New York (or particular areas of it—Long Island anyone?) but goddamn, there’s some good music coming out of that area right now. Capital’s certainly not spearheading a new movement or anything, the ground they’re tilling is pretty familiar, but rest assured they sound confident as shit and are friggin spot-on in their attack. Signal Corps sounds like a titanium-solid merging of Paint It Black-styled hardcore and Strike Anywhere’s brand of melodic punk—it toes the line somewhere between the two, and while I don’t think it’s necessarily quite up to par with either of those bands, it’s still damn good, especially considering we’re talking about a band’s first release. If they manage to stick around for any period of time, I can totally see these guys becoming a mainstay, one of those bands that newer, younger bands eventually begin to draw influences from. Like I said, they’re not there yet, but as it stands now, Signal Corps is still a damn fine record, and I can’t wait to hear what they hit us with next.

 –keith (Iron Pier)