CANNIBALS, THEE: Suburban Sex: 7”EP

May 10, 2007

I’ve never understood being subgenre locked in punk. There are too many cubby holes to keep track of. I like finding the hidden threads between two bands that probably have never heard a stitch of one another’s music. For instance, Thee Cannibals, although placed in the hardcore punk camp, have quite a bit in common with the throwing rocks style of a band like The Dirtys, who were generally considered garage. Both bands are loud, they bleed red, they’re unhappy, and they’re punching back through their music. Thee Cannibals also have some nice, surfy undertones swelled up behind the crunch, too. They’re an L.A. band with ex-members of Street Trash, Out of Vogue, and Harry Balzagna.

 –todd (Cowabunga)

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