CANDY SNATCHERS, THE: Ugly on the Outside: CD

Jun 25, 2006

I start to sound like an annoying, skipping record whenever I speak of The Candy Snatchers, so I’m gonna keep it to a minimum and only speak of the few things these nutjobs have done oh-so-well over the years. One, they continue to make fantastic recordings, and two, when ripping it up live, they continue to make believers of those who think that rock and roll has gone off like an ailing cat to hide and die. These few things, by the way, are the only things that truly matter when being a band to begin with. Everything else is hot fucking air. This said, the disc here is a Hungry Man®-sized portion of singles, tribute LP cuts, and the like from their past offerings. Surefire cuts that’ll result with someone’s foot through the drywall at your next house party are “You Want What,” “Picture My Face,” and the rip-roaring cover of Mr. David Bowie’s “Suffragette City.” Like their r’n’r colleagues Motörhead, the Ramones, Throw Rag, or The Riverboat Gamblers, anything Candy Snatchers isn’t just a no-brainer, it’s essential.

 –dale (Roulettes)

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