CANDY SNATCHERS, THE: Down at Delilah’s: CD

Mar 01, 2011

The Candy Snatchers are one of those bands that have consistently put out rock’n’roll records that make one flail recklessly about like some coked-up, snake dancing son of a bitch. No, that’s not a bad thing; that’s just the real spirit of rock’n’roll shaking your soul loose. Embrace. For this reason alone, I’ve loved the ‘Snatchers for many, many moons. Dean Rispler, long-time friend and producer of the band, has captured the ‘Snatchers lightening in a bottle, yet again, with Down at Delilah’s. It’s a fucking supernatural whirlwind of a rekkid from front to back, but the songs that especially get me frothing at the mouth like an epileptic crackhead? “She’s a Real Asshole,” “Huffer,” “9-1-1,” “All the Way to Denver,” “Doin’ Time,” and “The World Is Wrong.” The disc is also available as a picture disc. This album was the last to be recorded with co-founding guitarist Matthew Odeitus, who passed away back in June of 2008. Matthew is sorely missed by those who knew him, but this and the many other recordings he made with the band will never fade away, let alone be matched. Viva, Candy Snatchers!

 –dale (