CANDY: Self-titled: CDEP

Mar 23, 2007

Candy hails from Southern California and sure sounds like it. These five songs are chock full of Epitaph Records style riffing and that trademark style of harmonizing that all those bands on that label employ. Every song on this EP cannot be remembered distinctly. I can only recall the collective sound of the band. This is a somewhat negative characteristic for a band that is maneuvering into the treacherous territory of Southern Californian chain wallet skate punk. I feel that this style of punk rock is increasingly generic and follows a rigid and hollow template. I am surprised that the institution of “mall punk” is not already played in airports by now. I had to go back and listen to this again so I could compose this review. This would have served better as a demo so that the band could take more time to craft their own sound. Better luck next time, gents!

 –guest (Vending Machine)