CANCEROUS GROWTH: Late for the Grave: LP

This is a reissue of the debut of Boston’s often overlooked thrash units. Originally released on the respected Ax/ction records in 1985, arguably the tail-end of hardcore’s first “golden age,” it is comprised of fifteen tracks of high-speed thrash. The tunes are short on both frills and time, with the bass high up in the mix to add a bit of wiggly lines amidst the barrage of chords, jackhammer beats, and gruff vocals. Whether or not it is a “classic” is something that’ll no doubt be argued back and forth ad nauseum—no surprise there—but it most definitely is a nice example of what was making the rounds back then. On clear gold vinyl, has some nice flyer reproductions on the inner sleeve, and I believe this is a run of one thousand copies for Record Store Day 2015, so start scrambling. 

 –jimmy (Beer City)