CANADIAN RIFLE: Deep Ends: 9-song LP

May 28, 2014

Some things in life are pretty much figured out. Be wary of shenanigans like, “We’ve re-invented the pizza! This one doesn’t have dough!” Or “You thought you knew burritos? Try a wrap!” So why do dopes who are searching for identity through musical purchases fall for, “The re-invention of music! Kittens playing piccolos! You’ll shit yourself!” Oh, I understand the power of novelty, but c’mon, we’re trying to have some meaningful interaction between “lifestyle purchases” here. Canadian Rifle aren’t reinventing nothing, but they’re perfecting the ingredients, the recipe, the fire times, the delivery, the presentation. Up front is Jake’s gruff delivery (triangulated somewhere between Hot Water Music’s Chuck Ragan and Dan Padilla’s J.Wang), backed by strong, melodic, and much-happier-sounding-than-the lyrics bass and drums. By no way am I saying Deep Ends sounds generic or called in. Far from it. It’s like listening to craftsmen far past their apprenticeships and well into their mastery. You’re in good hands. Bummed-as-hell, dead-deer-smashing-through-windshield hands. But good hands nonetheless. They even add another option to songs to sing at funerals beyond Hickey: “Going to Get Fucked up When You Die.” No goals. No dreams. 

 –todd (Dirt Cult)