CANADIAN INVASION: Three Cheers for the Invisible Hand: CD

Jan 06, 2009

When I envision the Canadian invasion, it is a drunken jihad of epic proportions. I’m talking massive amounts of really strong beer, toques, hockey sticks and Mackinaw jackets. A ragtag army of inherently friendly people staggering towards the 49th parallel in a drunken haze. It’s not a stereotype, I’ve lived it. The soundtrack to the impending Canuck apocalypse (Canuckalypse?) would be something like “War On 45” by DOA or “Proud to be a Canadian” by Dayglo Abortions… Nowhere in my mind’s ear would I ever think that a Canadian invasion would sound like an ultra-polished, watered-down R.E.M. clone. Death to false Canucks! 

 –ty (