CAN KICKERS, THE: Dark Molly: 7”

Mar 17, 2008

The Can Kickers play loud, raucous, off-the-cuff old-time music, and I can hardly think of a better way to describe them than how they do on their website: “What would happen if Minor Threat and the Ramones picked up banjoes and fiddles and joined a New Orleans-style second line?” It’s all there—the “here goes nothing” attitude of early punk, dirt-folk rowdiness, and a certain Cajun flavor that makes the Can Kickers one of the most fun old-time bands I’ve ever heard. A lot of people playing old-time music are set on preserving the original style and attitude of the music, but The Can Kickers just do it, for the pure love of making noise. –Sarah Shay

 –guest (Arkam)

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