CAMPAIGN: It Likes to Party: CDEP

Sep 02, 2010

I try to go into this as open mindedly as I possibly can. I really do. That said, I really couldn’t go into this disc with a clear slate after looking at the cover photo. Seriously dudes, the tight denim jacket to bead ratio is off the charts! Factor in the “sullen, staring off into nothingness” looks on the band members’ faces and green screen that someone forgot to digitally enhance and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. Odds were meant to be beat from time to time, and somehow I actually like the tunes within. Most of them anyways. Sure, there is a goofy emo-fied breakdown here and there (and there and there) but the tunes themselves are quite catchy and the vocals are pretty good, too. I’d like to hear some more and see less.

 –ty (