Cambodian Grrrl: By Anne Elizabeth Moore, 95 pgs By Katie Dunne

Sep 11, 2012

Anne Elizabeth Moore has had a prolific career exploring anthropology through media, from co-publishing Punk Planet to developing the AdventureSchool for Girls. In Cambodian Grrrl, Moore travels to Phnom Penh to teach at Cambodia’s first university for women. Moore is up front about the unease her privilege gives her. She’s a white woman from the U.S. entering a culture and community she hasn’t participated in while teaching young women about writing and publishing zines. Her experiences are complicated by the fact that most of her students (and many other Cambodians their age and younger) do not know about the systematic genocide that happened to the generation before them under the Khmer Rouge.Moore uses her class and role as an educator to teach the students about writing and publishing zines. She impresses upon them the importance of speaking, of listening, and of learning the stories of their community. Moore gives great care to her presentation of the people she met and worked with in Cambodia. Her account is a moving and important read. –Katie Dunne (Cantankerous Titles, PO Box 14332, Portland, OR97293,



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