CALZONES, LOS: Frecuencia Extrema: CD

Jul 07, 2006

Music geeks love packaging. I love how well thought out the packaging is for this release. An almost origami fold out cover that packages inside the CD and its contents. Instead of the usual booklet for the lyrics, they have individual cutouts the size and shape of the CD for each song with an image on one side and the lyrics on the other. That is so cool! Self-proclaimed as ska, I hear so much more from this band from Argentina. I hear elements of salsa, Caribbean and other tropical tones mixed in with upbeat fun. With a little research, I found out that this band started back in 1989 and have continued playing even though the popularity of the genre has waned. Very successful in South America and most likely in the Latin community here, it is nice to see that the label has reached out to have this band’s music reach out to an even wider audience by being reviewed here. Me being Asian and being a fan of music sung in Spanish, this just tickles me—even though I don’t understand the language. Right off the bat, I can tell this band has been together for a long time. The musicianship is real tight and recorded with professionalism. Professional in a major label sense. The production is big. The main vocalist is very soulful and it sounds like everyone in this six piece band participates in singing. The horn section is sharp and precise in their delivery. The bassist throws down some riffs that shows he can most likely play with anybody. The guitars and drums tie everything together and makes it whole. I really enjoy this. If I run across anything else by this band, I’m definitely purchasing.

 –don (Delanuca)