CALL IT ARSON: Moth Wash: The Old Flames: 7"

Mar 24, 2009

Vinyl makes you wait. It makes you analyze the packaging on your lunch break. I am a huge fan of free downloads coming with an album, so that was very pleasant. I am a big fan of Kurt Ballou, who recorded and mixed this in his studio God City. This 7”’s dark artwork mixed with the fact that Converge’s guitarist was steering things along led me to the preconceived notion that Call It Arson were going to be super dense and very heavy. Call It Arson’s A side is very reminiscent of Orange Rhyming Dictionary-era Jets To Brazil. Both sides of the record have the first line of lyrics printed on them, but they’re on the wrong side. The B side is nowhere near as good as the A side which, in and of itself, isn’t worth buying the 7”, so I would say, don’t.

 –Rene Navarro (Kill Normal)

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