CALABRESE: 13 Halloweens: CD

Jun 25, 2006

These guys get the spirit award, for sure. Since it's a "horror rock" release, the promo copy came to us wrapped in fake cobwebs with plastic spiders and severed fingers stuck to it. Awesome! I put the CD on and it starts with a sample from Monsters Crash the Pajama Party, which is a really cool cult horror movie worthy of being sampled by a band like this. But then, oops, the music starts. As you can tell by looking at the cover, this band sounds a lot like AFI and the new Misfits. Sigh. Something that AFI and the new Misfits (and Calabrese) don't get is that the OLD Misfits (whom all of these bands are trying to capture the spirit of) were good because they were so crappy. The production sucked, the songs were halfway written, and the band could barely play. The problem with this new stuff is that it's too overproduced, clean, and slick. It's not bad, it's just kind of generic; a lot of "whoa-ohs" a la Balzac, a couple of wimpy "thrash" songs a la Earth AD, lots of samples from obscure movies (always a plus), you know the drill. If you're into horror rock you'll probably dig this, but if you're looking for something new, you won't find it here.

 –ben (Spookshow)