CAFFIENDS: Self-titled: LP

Orlando, Florida’s Caffiends rip and roar through this pop punk, mayhem-praising release. I love the sound of this record and look forward to learning more about the band. Want to know what it sounds like? Imagine that you felt uneasy listening to one of your favorite bands, an American punk staple, because the legendary lead singer can be seen punching a female fan in the face on Youtube. Let’s say you still love their music and its playfulness and all that it represents, but, you know, punching your fans is for MTV, rock-god douchebaggery, not punks. Then, you put on the Caffiends and the sound is familiar but, as far as you know, no one was punched in the face to make this good shit happen. Perhaps that was a long walk for a short trip. In short: Caffiends rule. Check them out. 

 –John Mule (Brassneck, / Chisel, / Jolly Ronnie, / Swamp Cabbage,