CAFFIENDS: No Gods No Decaf: CD

Mar 29, 2016

I fucking lovethis band. I am a firm believer in not taking life too seriously. You gotta be able to laugh at yourself and this ridiculous existence or you’ll never make it out alive. The Caffiends embody this ethos and flawlessly put a soundtrack to it. Each track on No Gods No Decaf is a pop punk gem, interlaced with some samples that actually add to the music rather than distract from it. A couple of these songs ended up accidentally reminding me of how much I used to listen to Guttermouth, and, conversely, how I never got into NOFX (my apologies to SoCal brethren). In my ears, the Caffiends can do no wrong. I appreciate that their music, at least for me, makes the world a little bit better place. All the thumbs up! 

 –Jackie Rusted (Anti-Authority,

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