CADAVERS, THE: Never Mind the Bodies, Here’s…: 7”

Feb 18, 2009

If you ever wondered what the Bodies sound like with a backup girl singer – it’s pretty fuckin’ cool. Coupled to Abe’s higher-than-normal-for-street-punk singing is the tough-but-distinctly-female yelling of Tannia. No lyrics are included, but from what my secret decoder ring can figure out, they cover the same imagistic lines of the Bodies – betrayal, Vietnam, guns, and patriotism. Fast, snappy, and catchy. Little time is wasted and the harmonies are hard to miss. It’s both hard and sweet. I always think that if the Bouncing Souls hadn’t given up trying to write good songs about four years ago, you’d get this band (well, The Bodies, who this band sorta became later on). Apparently this was originally released in 1993, but it’s being re-released in a batch of five hundred on this label. Not bad.

 –todd (Noma Beach)

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