CAD: Tazky Kov: LP

Blazing crust core that moves with the elegance of a tank. Somewhere between Victims and Warcollapse. They are dark and abrasive for the most part, but they also have a rocking side, as displayed in the song “Na To Si Tu!” The guitar is dark and blistering and has a way of winding around the bass and drums without choking them, ratcheting up the tension throughout the songs. For the most part, they keep everything at a near-boil, but never really go over the top. Instead, the tension is constant and there’s no release until they rock out like a muh-fucka at the end. There are a lot of familiar elements here, but they keep it fresh and add their own spin on the genre. Good stuff

 –M.Avrg (My Sleeping Cat,, [email protected])