CABILDO QUARTERLY #8: $1, 11” x 17”, copied, 2 pgs

Nov 16, 2015

I’ve probably reviewed at least six of the eight issues of Cabildo Quarterly and I think this is the strongest one yet. It’s mainly carried on the weight of the two fictional tales—a tragic, touching piece by Richard Katrovas that tells the tale of a man with early-onset Alzheimer’s, and another by Jes Skolnik, in which she writes about a nineteenth-century woman’s experience with spiritualism. The latter is the stronger of the two, although I’m biased because I find nineteenth-century spritualism to be interesting and have read about it in correlation with my day job. Skolnik’s piece is the introduction to a novel-in-progress and I definitely want to read the entire thing once it’s finished. The poetry pieces were okay, but it’s hard to compare them with such solid fiction writing; none of the poems stuck out like the stories did. If you haven’t checked out Cabildo Quarterly, this is a good issue with which to start. -Kurt Morris (Cabildo Quarterly, PO Box 784, Belchertown, MA 01007,