BY THE THROAT: One Good Night: 7”

May 13, 2011

You know what’s weird? This sounds like the dude from the Nobodys fronting a hardcore band. That snotty, decipherable voice works in their favor and lends a certain swagger to this thing—much preferable to the Cookie Monster vocals that usually dominate this type of stuff. One Good Night’s a decent five-song piece of green wax; rife with pick slides and fat guitar tones and a slightly dirty production that works in their favor. My only complaint is that it’s too bad they decided to run a photo of “guitar dude in camo shorts jumping in the air” rather than any actual lyrics, but I guess that’s just their way of telling us what they’re here for. This one won’t rearrange any jaws, but it’s a nice outing for the genre.

 –keith (Winter Street)