Jul 28, 2014

Well, Buzzorhowl start things out on a decent foot—their first song, “Little Cop,” is a passable stab at ‘90s melodic punk, if a little unmemorable, but then they do a crazy-abrupt key change at the end and close the song out with a drawn out wah-wah solo. Very disarming ending. The second song’s an instrumental, and, I’m sorry, guys, but unless you’re Danzig or some shit, those generally go in one ear and out the other around here. Chestnut Road is tilling similar ground; musically their pair of songs are akin to Leatherface and, on the second track, maybe even an over-complicated Fun Bug or early Green Day riff, but again, it’s just somewhat bland and there. Decent recording, nice packaging, but nothing here had any real velocity or bite to it. 

 –keith (Brassneck)