New record from these punk legends carries on the quality that was evident in their last effort, 2006’s Flat Pack Philosophy. Steve Diggle and Pete Shelley splitting the songwriting duties. Shelley sticks to “lost love” ideas, while Diggle is more off kilter. Shelley shines on the title track and “Virtually Real.” Diggle goes for broke on “People are Strange Machines” and “Chasing Rainbows/Modern Times.” The tough-as-nails rhythm section of Danny Farrant on drums and Chris Remington anchors the proceedings with bombast. Be sure to seek out four songs from this session that didn’t make the record (but should have in these days of bonus content). The playing on The Way is stellar throughout, so why you wouldn’t pick this up makes as much sense as listening to Celine Dion for pleasure.

 –koepenick (