BUSY SIGNALS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Dec 06, 2007

Absolutely, positively strange. Of all the material I pulled to review this issue, I listened to Knugen Faller and The Busy Signals back to back, and the similarities are incredible. Observations: 1.) The bands are probably not aware of one another. 2.) They are both female-fronted punk bands. 3.) The Busy Signals are from Chicago and Knugen Faller are from Sweden and both sing in their respective languages, so Knugen Faller could be telling me to put puppies into a cheese grater and I’d still be bobbing my head in a little dance. 4.) Josie Cotton is probably smiling really fucking broadly right now because two bands have stepped up to the “Johnny Are You Queer?” plate. 5.) The Knugen Faller grabbed me right off the bat, while it took some headphone time for The Busy Signals to take root. (I chalk it up to a Ramones thing, where, on the surface, it’s simple, but when you start putting all the tiny bits together, they become addictive. Strange, still, because The Busy Signals’ debut 7” shook the change right out of my pocket on the first listen.) Conclusion: The world’s way big enough for both bands. Awesome.

 –todd (Dirtnap)

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