BUSY SIGNALS, THE: Self-titled: CD

Jan 23, 2008

It is a lazy man indeed who can think of no better band to compare the Busy Signals to than the Buzzcocks. Unable to think of any better band to compare the Busy Signals to than the Buzzcocks, i thought i’d go the world one better: Procuring the services of a local stopwatch, i actually timed what portions of this record’s efficient 23.5 minute duration actively reminded me of the Buzzcocks. The actual results were ten minutes, twelve seconds. Now, mind you, this is highly unscientific ((plus it’s a pretty crappy stopwatch, i’ve had it since elementary school)); at times i would be frantically stopping and starting when vocals which didn’t remind me of the Buzzcocks ((i’ll tell you ONE god damn thing about it: Busy Signals vocalist Analucia doesn’t sound much like Peter Shelley, and she SURE the hell doesn’t look much like him!)) traded back and forth with guitar riffs that did, etc., and sometimes the band only reminded me of post-reunion Buzzcocks ((e.g., “Just 4 Show”)), but, after crunching the numbers, it appears that this band sounds like the Buzzcocks something like 43.4 percent of the time, which is somewhere around the average field goal percentage of any given NBA team on any given night, which appears statistically significant to me, so it’s settled: Buzzcocks indeed. If you’re scoring at home, the bands that the Busy Signals reminded me of when they WEREN’T reminding me of the Buzzcocks were Heart Attack ((SPRING-WOUND, i tell you! SPRING-WOUND!)), the Epoxies, the Breakouts, the Epoxies again, Nikki & The Corvettes, and 20/20, in that order. Funny thing is that if you pop this disc into your computer and load it into your iTunes®, then look at how the band name comes up, you can see that there has been a “tragic” error, and the band’s name is actually misspelled “BUZY SIGNAL,” not “BUSY SIGNALS.” So, if you are playing thru your tune library with your music organized alphabetically by band name, what band’s songs start playing when this record is over? You guessed it...Buzzcocks for the win. BEST SONG: “Look the Other Way” BEST SONG TITLE: “Ring Ring Ring” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: Some fancy guitar company just came out with a replica of Pete Shelley’s Starways™ guitar, and if you correctly guessed the retail price of the guitar, you could win one before it was actually released. Since you could guess three times from the same email address, i guessed 369 dollars, 369 pounds, and 369 Euros, in deference to the Buzzcocks song “369” off of “Trade Test Transmissions.” If the price turns out to be “Sixteen Again,” i’ll surely be kicking myself...

 –norb (Dirtnap)

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