BUST!: Suck Kuts: 10”EP

Jul 06, 2011

This two-piece from the Chicago suburbs juggles familiar sounds and makes them sound fresh and interesting, much more so than many of their contemporaries in the melodic hardcore and pop punk scenes. This is my first introduction to the band and the first band that comes to mind is Dillinger Four. The songs have similar pacing, expressive guitar, and the flat, galloping bass tuned to a rhythmic thud. The bass I’m curious about since it’s a two-piece and I’m assuming it’s just a guitar and drums at the shows, but who knows? There’s also an angularity to the guitar and an energy to the vocals that distinguishes it from D4, something akin to Rick Froberg’s work in Drive Like Jehu.

 –Jeff Proctor (Cassette Deck)

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