BUSINESS, THE: Smash the Discos: CD

Feb 21, 2008

What we have here, kiddies, is the issuing of the Business’ “first” album, one they recorded before Suburban Rebels, but lost and, thus, remained unreleased until now. What you get are rough, yet strong, versions of classic tunes like “Drinking and Driving,” “Smash the Discos,” “Guttersnipe,” “Work Or Riot,” and pretty much the bulk of what was on Suburban Rebels, as well as “H-Bomb,” “Law and Order,” “Last Train to Clapham Junction,” and a Sham and Crass cover, respectively. As with most Captain Oi releases, there are a few bonus tracks on here as well, namely versions of “Loud Proud and Punk,” “Real Enemy,” “Disco Girls,” “Dayo,” and the single version of “Smash the Discos,” as well as lyrics to the tunes and some liner notes detailing the album’s history. Frankly, as a longtime fan, I’m fuggin’ stoked.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)