BUSINESS, THE: Keep the Faith: CD

Jul 23, 2007

Usually when a band decides to give it another go, one of two things result from their efforts: 1.) they make total fools of themselves, 2.) they pick up right where they left off and just kill. This reissue of the Business’ ‘90s “comeback” album leans towards the latter, thankfully, with much of the same strong, catchy songwriting and topical lyrics that made them such an indispensable part of the ‘80s U.K. punk scene. On here, they tackle the stupidity of Kurt Cobain’s death, corruption, football heroes, and human obsolescence in a rapidly changing world with the same fire, wit, and righteous anger they once used to such effect on classic material like “Suburban Rebels” and “Real Enemy.” There may have been a bit more “rock” to the guitars—but not so much as to send them tumbling into the “bad metal” camp—and the occasional bluesy riff complements the “punk” quite nicely.

 –jimmy (Captain Oi)