Jan 29, 2009

Well, if it ain’t the original godfathers of oi in all of their menacing cockney glory! It’s been several topsy-turvy years since I’ve acquired anything new from these mean and nasty psychopathic hooligans, and I’m damn sorry I haven’t been more attentive as to their recent attitude-driven output. This is boot-stompin’, bottle-smashin’ pub-punk bravado at its nostalgic best, the kind of musical maliciousness that inspires a man to drunkenly stumble through the cobblestone streets of his hometown late at night with his closest mates by his side boisterously singing an old Irish ditty or two. “Hell 2 Pay” is a ferocious metal-tinged screamer (think of Motorhead as oi street-scruff agitators, why don’t ya!), and the other two tit-twistin’ tunes, “Gangland” and “Do Anything You Wanna Do” (an Eddie & The Hotrods original), are prime sing-a-long examples of mid-tempo pub-prowlin’ rockers. It just goes to show: some things do indeed get better with age. The Business are more sonically stout than ever! –Roger Moser, Jr.

 –guest (TKO)