BURY THE LIVING: Bathed in Blood and Climbing Over the Dead: 7"

Jun 23, 2009

Shit howdy, this is some smokin’ hardcore. Things start off with a short, fast as hell ditty called “Your Colors May Not Run But I’ll Bet They Fucking Burn,” and then takes the speed down a notch for the remainder of the proceedings, even throwing a swing-tinged breakdown in the middle of one of the songs. The lyrics are strong and political, but coming off more pissed than whiny. A couple of the tunes take on 9/11, openly confronting the jingoism that has been unleashed in its aftermath and addressing the point that maybe the US finally got back a little of what it’s been dishing out to others for years. You get six tunes in all from these Tennessee boyos and not a bad one can be found in the bunch.

 –jimmy (Kangaroo)