BURNT CROSS: Break the Law Not the Poor: EP

Hell yes! Always glad to get my hands on a new Burnt Cross record. Anytime I get one, it’s the first record I put on the turntable when I get home. This one is no exception. Four songs and all of them are quality listening. Their cover of The Apostles’ “Mob Violence” is a cruncher. The opener, “Ian Tomlinson,” is rife with tension due to the time changes, and spoken word shifting to singing then shifting back. The female vocals on “They’ve Got the Power” reminds me of Media Children, only I don’t cringe listening to Burnt Cross. Definitely a timely record—with the subject matter covered, as well as the title of this record. Let this record be your soundtrack when you glue the locks of the banks.

 –M.Avrg (Loud Punk, loudpunk.com)