BURNING SONS: Self-titled: 7” EP

Mar 01, 2011

A little sticker on the front proudly proclaims this is the first release from the notorious Mystic Records in twenty years. Absent here is the generic thrash of too many bands that sounded like they were recorded in a toilet bowl strategically placed at the far end of a long metal tube lined with wet crepe paper (as well as some admittedly now-classic releases featuring bands like Dr. Know, The Mentors, Government Issue, Conservatives, Ill Repute, Powertrip, Crankshaft, F-Troop, and boatload of others), and in their place are four tracks of more modern-sounding, occasionally zippy hardcore with a heavy rock undertow with lyrics about executions, the apocalypse, marching armies and such, all presented with a definite sonic improvement over their predecessors. The band’s tunes are strong, the vinyl’s white, and it’s apparently limited to five hundred copies.

 –jimmy (mysticrecordshq.com)

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