Jul 06, 2011

Whoa! Such a great record! Starts off as a standard hardcore record. The first few songs are short and thrashy numbers. Then they switch things up with “Weeping Wound.” Still lightening fast, but more tuneful. Reminds me of early Wipers crossed with The Proletariat. Not shabby at all. In fact, I hear a lot of The Proletariat in their sound. Not a direct copy, but the influence is there in the atmospheric sound and vocal delivery. “Kitchen Knife” has a post punk beginning before ripping into a straight-up thrash killer: stop-go tempos, fast and chaotic, and urgent. “I Wonder” is a definite stand out. Very tuneful, mid-tempo, and a bit different compared to the rest of the tracks. A bit power pop, yet they don’t miss a beat between the more punk songs. If anything, the contrasting styles only serve to strengthen one another. A record you would be wise to be pick up, play repeatedly, and have a smidge more class than most everyone else as a result.

 –M.Avrg (Vertex, [email protected])