BURNING LOVE: Songs for Burning Lovers: LP

Nov 02, 2010

If you ask me, a full length as a follow up to a couple of spot-on 7”s is the logical next step. But it could also potentially blemish an otherwise near perfect body of work. However, if said full length happens to include most of the songs on those previously released records, your fears of disappointment might be eased a bit after reading the track listing. For the uninitiated: Burning Love, and their hardcore roots, dared to set foot into the enemy soil that is metal and hard rock. Fusing influences from genres that want nothing to do with one another doesn’t necessarily guarantee a recipe for success and rarely works. Dee Snider hair, custom guitars, and Jack Daniels sponsorship have nothing to do with this record. Instead, you are treated to the sounds of a band who probably argues about whether they would rather listen to Discharge or Motörhead for the next long drive in the van. The only way you could possibly go wrong with this record is by not owning it.

 –Juan Espinosa (Deranged, derangedrecords.com)