BURNING LOVE: Rotten Thing to Say: CD / LP

The latest long play from Toronto’s Burning Love is fourteen songs clocking in at over thirty minutes, which means a number of short songs. Unfortunately, Burning Love decided to include an “Intro,” “Outro,” and repetitive track (“12 31”) in the middle, which means there’s some throwaway material on here. But beyond that there are some great songs on Rotten Thing to Say. Highlights include “Superstitious Friend” and “Broken Glass,” the last real song on the album. The music on all these songs is snotty, rough, and gruff hardcore punk, noted most fully by the great guitar sound. Lead singer Chris Colohan’s vocals are harsh and accent the tough nature of the music. The lyrics are really strong, intelligent, and work well with the music. I’ve listened to Rotten Thing to Say more than a dozen times now and while I can’t say it’s as good as their debut, Songs for Burning Lovers, (it lacks some of the catchiness of that work) it’s still a good album of blistering hardcore.

 –kurt (Southern Lord)