BURNING KITCHEN: Many Wonder about the Meaning of Life…(1993-2000): 2 x LP

Nov 21, 2014

As discographies go, this thirty-two track collection of a Swedish band active for most of the 1990s stands out as a raging success. That accomplishment is not just because it documents a fine band but also because it’s easy to listen to the whole thing in one sitting, a feat which eludes the collective works of some bands. I put this fact down to one thing—there is a consistency to the strength of the song writing from start to finish, making it almost compulsory to not skip sides or tracks. For anyone new to Burning Kitchen, the crux of what it did—or does, as the band is back together now—is an up-tempo, melodic thrust which accompanies lyrics that had crosshairs placed on many societal and political issues that are sadly still relevant today. Even though it’s not a constant, there is a definite similarity to The Avengers on some tracks, none more so than the opener, “Stenad Stad,” which musically and vocally is a case of taking a time machine back to late 1970s San Francisco and listening to Penelope Houston and co. Easily one of the best discographies I’ve heard in a few years.

 –Rich Cocksedge (Man In Decline, manindeclinerecords.com)