BURNING ITCH: Self-titled: 7"

Dec 28, 2009

Judging from the band name and the cover of two stoner-looking rockers with guitars and rifles against a white wall, I thought I was in for some craaaaaappy bar rock. Shit no, it’s actually pretty rad, weird rock. Angular guitars stabbing out some catchy music, real driving, basically pop punk, but with a more gravelly singer than a smooth snot punk. Think a poppier Mistreaters. And I know we can all get on that train. Maybe they just sell pot, not smoke it. Three solid songs, tight as shit. They would be too energetic for a biker bar. Don’t know how you can get this 7”. No label listed, no address on the back cover, just “mono.” The vinyl has no label either, just the inscriptions “Don’t touch my moustache” and “Continued use may cause birth defects.” Maybe you can find them on the MySpace.

 –mike (Self-released)