Jan 31, 2008

I kept looking at this and wondering why I knew the band name, and when I pressed play they sounded so goddamned familiar, but I just couldn’t place ‘em. And then “Hives” came on and the memories came flooding in. The aforementioned “Hives” was one of the better tracks on Mystic Record’s would-be death rock comp, Let’s Die. Lots of gloominess and weird time changes, with enough punk pumped into the sound to keep things edgy. That also pretty much sums up the sound here as well. There’s a lot of diversity in the music, but they managed to keep everything pretty well amped up to prevent it all from dissolving into one big arty mess of pretentious sludge. Nice to finally hear more from these guys than their single and that lone comp track, and word is they’re out playing again, which hopefully means they’ll be back in the studio soon.

 –jimmy (Alternative Tentacles)

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