BURNERS: Feast: 7”

May 20, 2014

From the moment the title song blasts off, this record tears through styles and time signatures so fast that I could hardly keep up for the first couple listens. Each song seems to span at least three or four tempos (most of which clock in between “thrashing” and “blistering”), technically overwhelming in the best way. Here I am thinking I’m in for a mathy take on melodic hardcore, maybe tinged with that yowling brand of nerdy early-2000s emo, when suddenly the group vocals kick in and it’s a raspy-voiced pop punk anthem, and then the guitar goes sailing off into a metallic tapping frenzy and it’s all over (but not before channeling Kid Dynamite for exactly four seconds, out of nowhere). All this to say that Burners nearly defies comparison, though the chaotic stop-start arrangements remind me of Fig 4.0 more than anything else. This is something special, some of the most technically proficient and interesting DIY punk I’ve heard in a long time. Apparently this is a three-piece, so the rest of us might as well pack it up and quit music. Just wish this came with a lyric sheet. –Indiana Laub 

 –guest (No Breaks, [email protected], nobreaksrecords.com)