Jul 09, 2009

Undoubtedly angry – mostly at crusties, scenesters, play-acting anarchists, the “punk-famous” and quite possibly anyone automatically inclined to go to their shows – it’s grating, and speedy hardcore that isn’t afraid of neither the occasional blast beat nor melody. Am I hearing this right? There’s only a guitar and drummer? Bob (Lack of Interest is my guess) and Chris Dodge (ex-Spazz)? There’s an amazing bit of noise on here – and a nice diversity of modes from full-on thrash to more moody songs (all clocking in under a minute, I believe). At the same time, I occasionally found myself wanting more dimensionality, imagining how a bass, another guitar, or using more dual vocals would fatten and beef up the overall atmosphere. (I can’t help but think of Charles Bronson – both bands have slaying wit, similar approaches, and were/are in it for the right reasons, but CB played like a mad nest of hornets. Maybe I just want more hornets with Burn Your Bridges.) Minimalist hardcore thrash? Who would have thought? That all said, I’m keeping this CD. It’s scads better than most of what I’ve been hearing lately, particularly in hardcore.

 –todd (Deep Six)