Sep 18, 2015

Full disclosure, I have been friends with Burn Burn Burn for a long time. Parts of this record were recorded in my living room. I really don’t have a problem telling friends I don’t like their music if that’s the case, but with these dudes it’s not. This is their seventh release and the songwriting has gotten stronger and stronger. This is the kind of record you write when you’re locked in a room with a twelve pack and The Menzingers’ Rented World on repeat. It runs from American Steel to Trial and meets somewhere around Off With Their Heads. These are the songs that you scream in your bedroom as the walls close in. Lyrics like, “Just when I thought that all this is over / Repeating mistakes only much less sober,” and “Sometimes I can’t compete / Dead thoughts so full in me / Can’t ever let it get the best of fucking me,” turn into mantras for maintaining a grip on your own personal mania. “For Whodie” is a terror of a song that pummels you for about two minutes, with trademark “whoa-ohs” coming in towards the end. They are a band that sings about the cycle of anger, drunken mistakes, and remorse, and they do it with a background of sweet harmonies, anthemic guitars, and a strong rhythm section in their corner. 

 –Kayla Greet (Self-released, burnburnburn.bandcamp.com)