BURIAL: Speed at Night: 12” EP

Nov 11, 2009

This is better than anything they’ve done prior! The obvious Japanese hardcore influences are still intact, however, they’ve thrown in a bit more Discharge, and with all this they’re starting to sound more like themselves instead of someone else. If that makes any sense. The vocals are stronger, whereas on Never Give Up, Never Give In they sounded forced and trying too hard to sound like many of the Burning Spirits-style bands in their delivery. Here, the delivery is more natural and far more powerful and effective. The musicianship is unbelievably solid. Maybe on par with bands like Wolfbrigade and Tragedy? While this is definitely not original, what makes this work so well is the sheer power in the music. The songs attack, one after the other, with an urgency that lacks in too many bands these days. The sound is almost like a solid mass. Imagine something like a massive bulldozer plowing its way through a city street and the chaos that ensues. Six songs of pure adrenalin. A sonic ripper from start to finish.

 –M.Avrg (Deranged)

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