BUNNYGRUNT / WINCHESTER, THE: The Worst of Both Worlds: Split: 7”

Mar 07, 2013

Bunnygrunt’s “Led It Out” is a straight-ahead pop song that makes you dance. The singalong chorus is sung by male and female vocals. The song ends with an unaccompanied accordion solo. Very cool. The Winchester plays two songs on Side B. Both have a full and active sound, made up by dual guitars, hard-hitting drums, and a bass that does a fair share of walking around. Each song is sung by a different dude. “Minus One Plus” is a faster punk rock song with tougher-sounding vocals than on “30 Seconds to Bars,” which is a more driving song. The first song also features just the right amount of guitar leads. Good variation between the two sides. The cover art is a screen printed image of a jackalope. This record is a definite buy. –Nighthawk

 –Nighthawk (Pancake Productions / Throwing Things)