This is my first time hearing Bunnygrunt and I’m wondering where it’s been all my life. I need ‘90s indie pop, especially the effortless distorted sugar-rush of Bunnygrunt, a band that writes a sweet acoustic song called “Where Eagles Dare Pt 2” and a solid gold hit like “I Quit, Mr. White,” that’s smart enough to add strings to “Chunt Bump,” that chooses covers like Crime Squad’s “Young Abe Lincoln” and Warren Zevon’s “Carmelita.” I want a band that was included on theBad Santa soundtrack, a band that reminds me of staying at my sister’s apartment in DC in August of 1995 and raiding her roommate’s record collection and finding Tuscadero’s The Pink Album and Sonic Youth’s Experimental Jet Set, the beginning of a whole other world opening up (underground noise, Teen Beat pop, punk tangents). Rare is the band that can induce a kind of nostalgia without sounding stuck in the past, that can be jokey but also not a joke. Bunnygrunt has been around since 1993 and has a million releases out there and now I can add them to the list of things to obsess over for the summer. 

 –Matt Werts (HHBTM)