BUNNY BRAINS: Box the Bunny: 5X CD

Feb 15, 2006

Drugged-addled, psychosis-informed, noisy as hell-all are apt descriptions for what's going down here, a collection of this band's assorted works. Imagine The Swans at their noisiest, Flipper at their least proficient, and The Butthole Surfers at their silliest and you still ain't even close, bucko. There is a method to it all, though, and, if you pay close attention, you might actually suss out some actual thought-out tunes amidst all that bashing and crashing. Hell, if nothing else, you can derive hours of entertainment from the song titles alone: "Seat Me in the (Vivisection)," "(The Gibbons) Aren't the Only Monkees (on the Planet)," "Crispy Sensation." Rarely these days does a record put me in a position of trying to decide whether I wanna crank it up or run away from it as fast as my legs can carry me. I'm almost afraid to watch the accompanying DVD.

 –jimmy (Narnack)

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