BUMS, THE: Do It All Night: 7”

Expected DOA, got a one-drummer Dirtbombs plus a weird sax like on that second Damned album. Needless to say, my party snacks were completely out of date and no one appreciated the flannel on the dancing girls. I don’t own enough classic rock albums to tell you who the guitarist is playing like, but i’m certain that whomever he is, the fucker must be considered a soul-haver of some sort. Whatever genre this is, i’m pretty sure that the part where the singer starts laughing like the Joker redefines it. Word, surely. BEST SONG: “Do It All Night” BEST SONG TITLE: “Man Of This Town” FANTASTIC AMAZING TRIVIA FACT: “AARDMAN” is etched into the run-off grooves in very small letters.

 –norb (Big Nose)